Minimally-invasive, computer/mri-assisted total knee arthroplasty:

• Appropriate for end-stage arthritic knees where all three compartments are worn and the ligaments are contracted (tethered).
• Performed through a small incision without detaching muscles
      • Quadriceps sparing approach
• Precision gained by utilizing
      • Computer navigation or patient-specific MRI-based alignment guides
      • Custom ligament balancing with computer tensioning device
• Implants designed just for women
      • Female and male knee anatomy varies
            • shape of the thigh bone
            • direction the knee-cap (patella) tracks
      • Implants manufactured by Zimmer gender solutions specifically address these anatomic concerns, providing for a more precise
      restoration of the anatomy
            • More stable knee
            • Better tracking knee-cap
            • Less stress on soft-tissues around knee cap
• High-flexion implants
      • For those patients whose soft-tissues allow
            • Permits deep-bending, high-flexion activities
                  • Kneeling, gardening, praying, golfing
• Accelerated rehabilitation
      • Minimally-invasive surgery with computer/mri assistance reduces the injury to the surrounding soft-tissues and bone,
      facilitating early return to work, sports, recreation and activities of daily living